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MI:GP - Secrets

kat8cha in toku100

Title: Dim Embers
Prompt: #14 - burning
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Pairing/Characters: Tsukasa
Rating: PG
Word count: 111
A/N: I've been in the mood for 'dark!Tsukasa' lately.

Natsumi's world is on fire. It burns around Tsukasa, an endless series of flashes and heat. Tsukasa has stopped caring about the noise, the sounds of explosions, and the screams of the dying. If Tsukasa focuses he can distantly hear Natsumi calling his name, her fists pounding on the door to the Hikari photo studio that Tsukasa has locked her in. The studio will be the only thing of Natsumi's world to survive, with Natsumi, her grandfather, and Yuusuke trapped inside. Tsukasa will bring the studio along with him to Kuuga's world.

Tsukasa prefers to watch the destruction first hand, instead of a slow grey fade. It is far more satisfying.


^_^ Nicely done~
^_^ Thank you!