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Challenge 15 (Information): Reality Check

Title: Reality Check
Prompt: #15: Information
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Characters: Kamishiro Tsurugi, Yuzuki Misaki, Shuichi Tadokoro
Pairing(s): Kamishiro Tsurugi/Yuzuki Misaki
Word Count: 293
AN: It's my first fic, so please give feedback.

Misaki walked back to the ZECT van. Tadokoro-san acknowledged her presence with a nod but said nothing. Misaki was sure he had seen everything, even if he pretended that nothing had happened.

She remembered it all too clearly. The man she had come to love, turning into the very thing he had vowed to destroy. She remembered how her world seemed to have been yanked out from under her at that very moment. Kamishiro Tsurugi, a Worm.

No, she corrected herself. Not Kamishiro Tsurugi. He died along with his sister. The one she had been with all along was a Worm.

Misaki opened her laptop and checked her email inbox. Two new messages, all with the same heading. ‘Case #9191: Scorpio Worm’. So that was what they were now calling him. That was very quick of the ZECT officers. They could get this information to her so soon.

Opening the attachments, she scrolled through the pages of the document, her mind barely registering any of the information. She was thinking of him. All the times she had spent with him suddenly felt so distant.

Misaki slammed her laptop shut, causing Tadokoro-san to jump. She was a ZECT agent, after all, supposed to keep her cool no matter what came her way. She should have processed that information and known it by heart by now.

But it was meaningless. The information meant nothing to her except that she had lost him, even when he had been with her all along. Sighing, Misaki walked out of the van. It seemed that something in her had died along with Kamishiro Tsurugi. She needed no more information. But she did need to take a reality check. He was gone, and she would just have to face it.



That whole arc is just heartbreaking, isn't it?

That said, thanks for writing this, it's great to see fic for these guys. :D

Thank you

Thank you for reading!
Haaa, I cried at the end of that arc...;~;

But, in the case of characters listed...where are Kagami and Tendou...?
Sorry, it was a typing mistake which I have already rectified.

Next time, maybe I'll try writing one fic at a time. :)
Why, is that a hint of future drabbles to come? <3
Well...I'll try. :)
I wish you luck in your endeavors. I know first hand how tricky it can be to write Kabuto stories. But you've done a good job with the stuff you have so far
Thanks! But why are Kabuto stories so hard?
Hm...well, the characters have very complex emotions. But at the same time, very simple ones;