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Challenge #15 (Information): Lies

Title: Lies
Prompt: Challenge 15 (Information)
Fandom: Engine Sentai Go-Onger
Characters: Suto Hiroto, appearances by Suto Miu and mention of the Go-Ongers as well as that cute little alien, Chibi.
Description: They knew nothing about the real him.

This might turn out to be a lousy fic, but please...just give me feedback on how I can improve...

I wondered why Hiroto was so against Hiramechimedes (not sure of the spelling...got it from Wikipedia) and so decided to come up with my own reason.

Leaning against a lamppost, Hiroto watched the sun set. Chibi had left already. Somehow, that child had made Hiroto see his true self, behind all those battle information, enemy data and all other relatively meaningless things.

But how had he lost himself in the first place? Could it have been the fact that he had had no friends to open up to, no one to talk to? Could it have been the fact that his parents, in their pursuit for wealth, had forgotten Miu and him?

Hiroto sighed. Or maybe it was the fact that the person who had mattered most to him had been snatched away just barely months ago. The Go-Ongers would never know. Miu had better not tell them either.

Straightening, Hiroto sighed again and walked away. So now this was where he was. Locked behind a thick wall of statistics and information, spinning one lie after another about who he was, all of his own accord.

Please read and review...


This was an interesting take on Hiroto.

And it can be spelled Hiramekimedes or Hiramechimedes. Either spelling is correct.


Thanks. I just thought that there had to be something behind that cold personality. There always is, right? I mean, we saw that he cares for Miu...

Thanks a lot for telling me about the spelling. I wasn't clear but thanks now :)