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Toku100 Bi-Weekly Writing Challenge
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A drabble is a very very short (technically, 100-word) story.

Tokusatsu (literally, "special effects") is a specific genre of Japanese tv shows, including Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and more.

Like all the other _100 drabble communities out there, this comm is for drabble-writing challenges. All kinds of drabbles, be they gen, slash, femslash, or het, for all tokusatsu shows, including their adaptations, are welcome here.

bi-weekly challenges ~

The current challenge, challenge 15, is posted here, and runs until September 21st.

These will be posted the first and third Monday of each month. You then have 2-3 weeks to post your drabbles on the specified topic, interpreted however you like. You may only respond to the current challenge, with one exception: every 10th challenge will be a remainder period, wherein all previous challenges will be open again.

There is no limit to the number of drabbles you can write during each challenge.

posting ~

You can title your post whatever you like, but it's customary to note the challenge and/or the fandom/pairing. Please use the following headers for your fic:

Prompt: (weekly challenge # and word)
Word count:
A/N: (optional)
Summary: (optional, if you use a cut-tag)

Please use cut tags and use appropriate warnings for spoilers and adult content, including using adult concepts and adult content filters as needed. I will check for this!

Please tag your fic with "challengeXX" (where XX is the number of the challenge you're responding to) and fandom. If you're posting from an LJ client that doesn't allow you to specify tags, you can edit the post afterwards to add it. If your fandom doesn't yet have a tag, the mod will soon add one.

fine print ~

{ word count }
Stories here should be at least 100 words, and no more than 500.

Multiples of 100 (100, 200, 300, 400, 500) words exactly gets you the most brownie points (a gold star), but we're not terribly strict around here. nice round numbers like 111, 123, 150 please our aesthetic sensibilities (and earn a red star ).

If your word processor doesn't have word count feature, try this link.

{ what counts as tokusatsu? }
Both original tokusatsu such as Super Sentai and adaptations such as Power Rangers can be included in this community.

{ can I post my drabble somewhere else? }
Yes! We encourage cross-posting, though we appreciate a link back to toku100.

{ can I repost an old drabble? }
Well, no. If you've got a past drabble that fits this week's challenge and you'd like to share it, we'd prefer you link to it in a comment on the challenge post.

credits ~

Layout from noveltybox.
Profile info taken/adapted from femslash100.

outside links ~

Any other questions, or need clarification? Ask here!